What is the Ideal Mirror Shape for My Bathroom?

Dec. 15, 2022

"Every bathroom must have a mirror"; that's the only information some homeowners know and choosing the right type, style and size makes their heads spin! If you are part of this group, we don't blame you for feeling the pressure of making the right decision when choosing a mirror for your bathroom. There are many factors to consider when choosing a bathroom mirror to impact the space in the best (or worst) way possible. From function to aesthetics; we'll help you choose the right product by covering all aspects of bathroom mirrors and where they fit into the space.


This is a guide on how to choose the perfect bathroom mirror for your home.


Consider the style of your bathroom

First things first; bathroom mirrors are relevant to the new or existing style of the space. If you are starting a completely new bathroom renovation then you will have more options and decorative styles to choose from. If you are matching an existing style, there may be some restrictions on choice. The last thing you want is for your mirror to stick out like a sore thumb in the beautiful bathroom setting you have created.

 Bathroom Mirror

Almost every aspect of your bathroom affects its overall style - the décor, the colour, the texture, the hardware and the lighting. Depending on how these components are chosen, they combine to create a specific bathroom style, such as minimalist, luxurious, Venetian, futuristic, etc. Please note that each bathroom mirror can be matched to one or more bathroom styles and must therefore be considered when choosing the right piece for your space.


Once you have decided on the style of your bathroom, you can start researching the different types/styles of bathroom mirrors that are popular today.


What is the ideal mirror shape for my bathroom?

The shape of a bathroom mirror can really set the tone for the rest of the space. From a creative point of view, different shapes of bathroom mirrors can do a lot in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Let's take a look at some excellent options for you to choose from.


Round, oval or curved mirrors

Regardless of the frame (if any), a round bathroom mirror or one with a curved frame has an immediate appeal and is visually pleasing due to the simplicity and softness of the design. Compared to angular shapes, round mirrors do not take up too much wall space and are suitable for bathrooms with seemingly constricted walls or where more wall tiles are desired to be exposed.


Square or rectangular mirrors

The obvious advantage of square or rectangular mirrors is that they have a wider angle and thus reflect more light. They do a better job of opening up the bathroom space and add more functionality. Bathroom mirrors with clear lines fit more easily into a variety of interior styles and are available in a wide range of types, styles and sizes.


Unique and ornate shapes

Many homeowners like to express their personality through the shape of the bathroom mirror they choose. Equally, some of us simply want to think outside the box and choose unique mirror shapes for our bathroom spaces. This is a great way to add personality to your bathroom and give the room more character at the same time. Ornate mirrors, on the other hand, have unique shapes and (often) exaggerated frame designs. They are often used in older bathroom settings with antique style hardware and accessories.

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